Sammasati. This is supposed to be the last word spoken by Buddha. Osho says that all knowledge that matters, all that´s truly important, is enclosed in this single word. One sound, one unadorned meaning: remember.

Sammasati. Remember who you are. Not body, not mind, least of all that nasty presence that detaches us from our true core, the ego.

Sammasati. There´s nothing to become. We already are. All we have searched for, our interminable pursuit, walking different paths, living other lives, has always been there.

Remember. Buddha is a title. It means the Enlighted One. Osho says we´re buddhas in our true nature but there´s one thing we keep forgetting: to look inside. To dive deep, not afraid, not hesitant, to go into the profoundness of ourselves and see.

The journey is not a long one. Just close your eyes and relax. You´ll be on your own but there´s nothing to fear. In this shrine of you is where light duels. And there, into light, into truth, you´ll find... you.

Sammasati. Close your eyes and be a witness. Sit there in the quietness of this sacred place in you where stillness speaks. Yield, give in. Enjoy the vital understanding of not being body, not being mind, your ego humbly silent as you dissolve into essence.

Remember. In this mindless space, no longer yourself, you merge with the Flow, one with the stream of life, one with the vastness of the Universe.

This is where you´ll find something I have from time to time acknowledged and recognized in a glimpse, but couldn´t name.

This is Freedom.


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